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Welcome to OZI Racking: the one-stop shop to end your storage hustles. Established in
1988 by Huss, OZI Racking is one of the front leaders in providing a warehouse with timeless pallet racking and storage solutions.

Keen to meet customer demands and other market gaps, we provide superior quality pallet racking solutions in Australia to optimise organisational accessibility and safety, catering to warehouses of all sizes.

At OZI Racking, our shelving and racking quality in Australia is our foremost priority. We partner with top manufacturers and source the most durable and reliable products.

Products We Offer For The Best Warehouse Storage Solution


Pallet racking uprights are the vertical components, providing superior structural support to your pallet racking system. These uprights are made of sturdy steel designed to endure the pressure and weight of palletized goods. They serve as the pillar of the pallet racking shelves,
backing up the horizontal beams and disseminating the load evenly.

Our pallet racking uprights are available in different heights and widths to facilitate storage needs and space restrictions. They often exude teardrop or keyhole patterns, allowing for hassle-free adjustable beam placement.

In addition, the uprights are manufactured to give you stability and safety so that they withstand the demands of a busy warehouse environment. As you employ our pallet racking uprights, you can effectively utilize your vertical space and build a highly organized and efficient storage system for your inventory.



A pallet racking beam
is integral for building up the structure and functionality of pallet racking systems. Set as horizontal components, they are designed to support and disperse the weight of palletized goods across the
racking system. Not only are they adjustable, but they also offer you flexibility in facilitating different pallet sizes and load volumes.

Our pallet racking beams are typically made of high-strength steel that guarantees durability and the capability to bear hefty loads. The beams are aimed to
interlock steadily with the vertical uprights, establishing a stable and consistent storage platform.

As you utilise these beams for your business needs, you will see how efficiently it organises and stores your inventory, maximising your warehouse racking system and accommodating easy access to items amid loading and unloading processes.



Do your storage facilities look a little "off-the-shelf?" If you need help with your warehouse shelving and racking in Australia, OZI
Racking provides solid and durable pallet racking accessories to cater to your needs.

Our extensive range of pallet rack accessories and other pallet racking solutions can be tailor-made in various ways, integrated with multiple existing systems and
set-ups, synching to your prerequisites or pallet load.

One of the secrets behind a thriving business is its optimal storage solutions. OZI Racking realises the importance of this and thus offers you a wide range of accessories for your pallet racking shelves.


Longspan Racking Systems

Our longspan racking systems are designed to maximize storage space and enhance the efficiency of your warehouse or storage facility. Whether you require heavy-duty racking for industrial applications or versatile storage solutions for retail environments, OZI Racking has you covered.

What Kind Of Accessories Does Your Warehouse Or Storage Facility Need?

Choose your required accessories from the plethora of options given below.  We're just a call away if you cannot find what you're seeking.

Wiremesh Deck

Light and easy to install, our wire mesh deck is designed to sit on your existing beams to facilitate as a shelf. Take advantage of this versatile decking with seamless protection and an efficient alternative to wooden shelving, timber decking, and steel panel solutions.

Our wire mesh decks are available in different sizes and can be used to optimise your warehouse racking systems.


Teardrop Safety Pin

Take advantage of our teardrop safety pins to fasten beams and uprights and avert their chances of dislodging. Used in a teardrop warehouse racking system, OZI Racking offers safety pins that can support products piled on shelving safely and efficiently. Employing these pins reduces the disengagement hazard of beams getting disconnected and offers a safe and secure connection.


Support Bars

Streamline your warehouse storage solution using our support bars. Fixed between beams, our pallet racking support bars provide impeccable support to heavy, irregular, or weakened palletized loads.



All-in-all, we are amongst the finest providers of pallet racking in Australia, along with other warehouse storage solutions.
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