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How Long Span Racking Can Be An Ideal Storage Solution For Your Business

How Long Span Racking Can Be An Ideal Storage Solution For Your Business

Long-span racking is a versatile and efficient storage solution that benefits businesses across various industries.

Whether in offices, warehouses, factories, or stockrooms, it provides a convenient and organised way to store small—to medium-sized products. 

This blog will tell you what long-span shelving systems are and how they are ideal for your business.

What is Long Span Racking?

Long-span racking is a specialist storage system designed to store your goods, but it may not be suitable for pallet racking.

The frames are supplied with footplates and pre-assembled, making them easier to install. On the other hand, beams slot into frames and are held securely by safety clips. 

Long-span racking systems are ideal when you need to store a pallet on the floor and have racking above it. 

These long-span racking units are available in different depths, widths, and heights, allowing customisation to suit your specific requirements.

How Long Span Racking Works:

If you want to create a more productive work environment, you need the right workspaces. That’s where long-span racking comes into play. 

You can check out how the multi-functional long-span work benches, shelving, and racking systems can make your business more efficient.

The Unparallelled Flexibility Of Long Span Racking

The long-span workbenches are created for your desired workspace with various height, length, and depth options. 

Whether you’re looking for a compact workstation or a spacious assembly area, long-span workbenches can be easily adapted to meet your requirements, providing the flexibility that every growing business should seek.

Long Span Racking Provides Adaptability And Ease Of Movement

The mobility of long-span racking is a game-changer. They are designed for effortless and adaptable movement, and these workbenches can be easily transported around the shop floor or to any other area within your working environment. 

This will ensure that the team can access all the tools and resources they need, wherever they are, without disrupting workflow.

No More Tangled Cords And Limited Access To Power Sources

Long-span shelving systems simplify installing power sources in aisles without sacrificing any valuable workspace. 

This means you can easily install technology and equipment, such as computers or machinery, into your work environment. 

With power readily available at all workspaces, your employees can work efficiently without hassle.

Long Span Racking Provides Improved Organisation And Safety

The Long span pallet racking provides ample storage space for tools and supplies, allowing employees to keep their work area clutter-free. 

By reducing this clutter, staff can quickly find the necessary tools, eliminating time wasted searching through piles and piles of items. 

Additionally, the open and accessible design of long-span work benches improves safety by minimising trip hazards. 

The elimination of tangled power cords above is a perfect example. This will make sure that everyone has sufficient space to move around freely.

Can Be Integrated With Other Long Span Products

Long-span rails are sleek and powder-coated, providing an unmatched warehouse storage rack solution for your workplace. 

Designed to integrate with existing long-span racking systems, this versatile storage solution can be easily expanded as your business grows. It is available in two lengths: 1200mm and 1800mm.

With all components sold separately, you can design a storage solution that fits your needs, allowing you to build racking with the desired number of shelf levels.

Benefits Of Long Span Racking:

Read about the benefits of long-span racking below:

Versatility And Accessibility

One of the primary benefits of long-span racking is its versatility. It allows immediate access to all loads, making it easy to locate and retrieve items when needed.

The open design of the shelves provides excellent visibility, enabling efficient inventory management and stock rotation. 

Whether you need to store boxes, drums, or larger cartons, long-span racking offers the flexibility to accommodate different shapes and sizes.


Long-span racking maximises the use of available space, making it a cost-effective storage solution.

With its adjustable shelves and customisable options, you can optimise your storage layout and efficiently use vertical space. 

This is especially helpful in busy areas where floor space is restricted. You can store more items without expanding your footprint by utilising your facility's height. If you are searching for shelving and racking in Australia for your business, contact OZI Racking.

Customised Storage Solutions

Most long-span racking can be custom-designed to meet your specific storage needs. With a wide variety of frames and beam sizes available, you can have a storage system that will suit your inventory requirements. 

Whether you need extra-wide shelves for bulk storage or narrower shelves for smaller items, long-span racking provides a solution that perfectly fits your business.

Easy Assembly And Maintenance

Long-span racking is designed for fast and easy assembly. Its bolt-less lock-in system allows you to quickly install and reconfigure the racking units as needed. 

This flexibility allows you to adapt your storage space to changing inventory requirements without letting you spend money every other day for modifications and eliminating downtime. 

Long-span racking is relatively low maintenance. Its rugged and tough construction and durable materials are made to last a long time and give you a better performance. This will reduce the need for frequent repairs or replacements. 

Regular cleaning and inspection can help maintain the efficiency and safety of the racking system.

Enhanced Safety And Organisation

Long-span racking helps improve safety and organisation in your workspace. By keeping your items neatly stored and easily accessible, you can lower the risk of accidents caused by clutter or disorganised storage.

With clear inventory visibility, you can quickly locate and retrieve items, reducing the time spent searching for products. 

This enhanced organisation can boost productivity and create a more efficient working environment.

Cost-Effective Solution

Getting a long-span racking is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers a more affordable alternative, especially for lighter and smaller items. 

The versatility and customisation options of long-span racking make it a valuable investment for businesses. It provides long-term storage solutions that can adapt to evolving business needs.

Final Thoughts:

Long-span shelving is an effective storage solution for businesses in different industries. It is the ideal storage solution for all types of businesses. 

Its versatility, accessibility, and customisation options make it ideal for storing small to medium-sized products.

Long-span shelving can enhance workplace efficiency, productivity, and safety by utilising available space, optimising organisation, and providing cost-effective storage solutions.